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10 Best Two-Way Radios 2020

Whether you are looking at getting 2-way radios for use during hunting, to keep in touch between vehicles in a convoy, for a team to stay connected, or to use to have some fun, you want to make sure you are getting the best ones possible. Most

6 Best AM Radios 2020

While there is a notable shift over to digital radios, there are many reasons to stick with the AM versions. Not only do they pick up various frequencies that others do not but they also provide users with the style of radio that many have come to

10 Best CB Radios 2020

Although CB radios are not as widely used as they previously were, this form of communication is still utilized by many people across the country. Some of the most common examples are truckers, civilian groups that are trained as first responders and those who frequently travel to

10 Best Shortwave Radios 2020

The world of shortwave radio is certainly changing but this is only making the opportunities more exciting. It is true that several larger international broadcasters that have stopped transmitting. There are, however, still many options for listening including pirate radio, utility stations and a whole range of

10 Best Portable Radios 2020

Even though radios are becoming a little less common, there is definitely a market for them and a whole range of situations that a quality portable radio is perfect for. Gone are the days when buyers would have to settle for a radio that produces a low-quality

6 Best BaoFeng Radios 2020

BaoFeng radio is something all radio enthusiasts love to have. Whether you are testing the waters or are an experienced user, there’s one for every one. When it comes to choosing the best BaoFeng radio for your use, there is often an apprehension owing to the technical

6 Best Table Radios 2020

To many people, table radios may seem like antiquate relics from the past. However, they can be exceedingly useful and enjoyable in many different situations from kitchens to workshops. Plus, unlike many of the gadgets and gizmos of today, radios don’t require that all-powerful resource – Wi-Fi.

6 Best Marine Radios 2020

The importance of having a reliable and high-quality marine radio really cannot be overstated. Whether you are venturing offshore or staying on inland waterways, being in contact with other vessels, the marina and with rescue services is vital. While the safety that is provided by having the