6 Best RC Cars Under $100 of 2020

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If you have a young boy who loves cars and racing, then getting him his very own racecar – that he can control – is the perfect gift. Not only will he be out of your hair for hours on end, he’ll be spending hours outside with his friends, soaking up the sunshine and building friendships for life.

Here we take a look at the best RC car under $100 listing out our top 6 picks and giving a review of our favorite 3 choices for your son to enjoy.

Consider This

When you’re considering an RC toy car that costs less than $100 there are plenty of options on the market. Unfortunately, there are so many poorly made products out there. There’s a lot of hype that goes into boys toys and very few live up to the fame. Here’re a few things to consider before you make your final purchase:

  • Will your son use this toy inside or outside? There are different wheel types for inside surfaces and outside ones. Outside wheels are rubber and will mark floors, but inside wheels are plastic and won’t grip in dirt.
  • Lights and sounds can be a fun feature for new toys, but quickly become annoying to parents and neighbors. Look for an RC that has a sound control button to turn down or off the noise it makes.
  • Controller type makes all the difference to the playability of your son’s new toy. Younger boys will need a simple ‘hold and go’ type controller. Whilst older boys will want more dynamic control for tricks and stunts.

Top 6 RC Cars Under $100 Table

PictureNameFeaturesRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. SZJJX 1:10 Remote Control Car 4WD Shaft Drive TruckSuper large tires, off road, lights and sounds, nontoxic construction, shatterproof4.6
2. SXJJX RC Rock Off-Road Vehicle 2.4Ghz 4WD High Speed 1:18 Racing CarsRugged construction, off-road, large tires, high friction grip, powerful engine4.6
3. WowWee Robotic Enhanced Vehicles (R.E.V)Two cars, fully automated ‘enemy’ car to race against, indoor only, controlled via app4.3
4. Holy Stone 2962A RC Car Lamborghini Veneno Diecast ModelScaled replica, automatic lights, and doors4.2
5. Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank Controlled via app, stream or record video, and photos, transmits audio4.1
6. HOSIM 1/12 Scale Electric RC Car Offroad 2.4Ghz 2WD Long distance control (330 feet), large tires, durable build4.0

Information to Help Choose

Buying the best RC car under $100 for your son is a challenge – but a fun one! We thoroughly enjoyed testing out all of these toys in our reviews. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. Here’re the features we think you’ll most enjoy:

  • Large tires help stop RC cars from getting bogged down or stuck in outdoor environments. The rubberized tires also ensure the power from the engine is directly transferred to speed on the ground.
  • App controlled RC cars were by far the most fun, our only warning here is to keep them away from dad or your son won’t get much playtime! We really enjoyed the spy tank with its camera and audio abilities, and the R.E.V really outperformed our expectations.

Top 3 Best RC Car Under $100 Reviews

1. SZJJX 1:10 Remote Control Car

The best of the best – this remote control car has it all! From a robust quality build that will withstand direct impact hits without so much as a scratch; to one of the fastest racing engines we’ve ever seen.

What we really enjoyed about this RC car was its versatility. The extra-large wheels got it unstuck from even the toughest of situations and we never had to rescue it from bogging down in the sand or mud.

Watching this car bounce across the backyard is a lot of fun. The bull bar is well designed and absorbs front on shock very well; protecting the rest of the car from damage.

There is so much technology packed into this RC from suspension shock absorbers to trimming differentials that help it stay stable at high speeds. You couldn’t expect more for $100 that’s for sure.

2. SXJJX RC Rock Off-Road Vehicle

From the same makers as our top spot and sharing the limelight with the same rating, this is a fierce looking RC machine. Indeed, it’s the villains dream getaway car with an exposed engine, huge tires and shock absorbing springs.

Again, the build quality is next to none, with so much going into making this a rugged toy for young boys to play with. You can drive it into walls at full speed without a dent and send it flying through the air with ease.

3. WowWee Robotic Enhanced Vehicles

If you’ve son is an only child then this is the perfect playtime companion. With a fully automatic AI driven car racing side-by-side with your son’s RC car. The AI matches the playing ability of whoever is playing, and what’s more, it can be driven by a friend instead when you son has friends over.

If you’re looking for an interactive racing game or an RC car for your son then the best RC car under $100 is what you’re looking for.