Best Quadcopter Under $100 of 2020

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A quadcopter or drone can be particularly hard to buy for users of any level. More advanced models offer features like longer flight times and higher quality while less expensive models offer the user the chance to be in constant control of the air positioning.

Finding a balance between the fun that can be had as a user and useful gadgets and features is the real challenge. For those that have decided on a budget for the best quadcopter under 100 dollars, we have listed some of the best models that combine both. There are also some key things to look out for.

Things to Think About

  • Flight and Charging Time. Most models will fly for anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes with an hour of charging in between flights.
  • Range. It is safe to assume that most quadcopters will reach a range of 50m. Though many are advertised as being able to reach 100m, this is often exaggerated.
  • Flying Location. The area that you fly, unless using a very small and agile model, needs to have a lot of space to move around. This often means a larger outdoor space.
  • Availability of Parts. Flying a drone comes with the inevitability of needing to replace a few parts like the propellers. Spare parts are easily available to ensure repair work can be completed.
  • Privacy. The best quadcopter under $100 usually come with the potential to use a camera or have one built in. This means that the user needs to fully understand the laws and privacy of the areas they will be flying over.

Top Six Quadcopter Under $100 List

PictureNameBest FeaturesRating (1-5)
Best Features
Rating (1-5)
- Integrated LED light system.
2. Holy Stone® RC Quadcopter Drone- Continuous roll to assist in maneuvering
- Security system that prevents the copter from being lost.
3. MKT syma X5C Quadcopter 2.4G 4 Channel 6 Axis UFO- Indoor and outdoor fly modes
- High quality camera.
4. BLADE Nano QX RTF Quadcopter- Advanced stabilizing technology
- Compact size for indoor flying
- Blade guards.
5. Ei-Hi Large Size S800C 2.4GHz 4 Ch 6 Axis Gyro Rc Remote Control Quadcopter- Strong wind resistance
- Stable flying allows for clear videos with HD Camera.
6. NightHawk DM007(tm) Quadcopter Remote Control- Easy to repair
- 360 degree flips
- Simple to use and great for beginners.

Buying Tips a Good Quadcopter Under $100

What makes for the best quadcopter for you is one that you will be able to control and enjoy using, one that will charge quickly and fly for long lengths of time and one that will work at long ranges. For many users, this means having a camera as part of the quadcopter.

There are models that come for under $100 that include cameras. If having live video or even recorded video are part of the reason for getting into using quadcopters then there is a wide range of quality to consider.

It used to be the case that in order to have a good camera working on the quadcopter, you would have to pay a serious price tag. The less expensive, smaller models are now coming equipped with video options that are clear and easy to manipulate.

3 Best Quadcopter Under $100 Reviews


The first thing that you will notice is that the Ares Ethos Qx130 Ultra Micro provides superior stability to most other quadcopters. For being priced just under $100 you will be amazed at the quality of this model.

It comes with great basics such as LED lights and a remote with built in LCD screen. There are also some bonus extras you can purchase later to make it even more enjoyable to fly including: missile launcher, bubble blow and winch.

Overall, the Ares Ethos Qx130 Ultra Micro is the highest quality quadcopter for under $100 anywhere on the market.

2. Holy Stone® RC Quadcopter Drone

For a first time buy, the Holy Stone Drone is a perfect choice. More than anything else the customer service of Holy Stone is impeccable. This means that if anything happens to go wrong you will be covered and they will immediately replace the item.

As for the model itself it is simple to use and once you get used to the controls you can start doing tricks. It is sturdy, so it can take a few rough landings. Even the camera still works after some especially hard crashes.

3. MKT syma X5C Quadcopter

Above everything else the Syma X5C has the speed and agility needed for an advanced user. While beginners will get used to this model after a while it is ideally for a user that has flown a lot before.

Once you know the intricacies of this model it becomes the perfect quadcopter. It is able to gracefully pull off tricks that many other models cannot do and for its price it has an impressive standard of quality.