6 Best Quadcopter Kits 2020

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About a million quadcopters and drones were sold during the 2016 holiday season. The numbers are already unprecedented and they are only going upwards.

If you are looking for a quadcopter kit, you are reading the right article. We have put together a short and informative guide with everything you need to know before you buy a quadcopter, the top models doing the rounds and reviews of the top three.

Whether you are entirely new to quadcopters or are looking to upgrade your existing one, this article will help you select the best quadcopter kit you need.

Top 6 Quadcopter Kits Table

PictureNameFlight Duration PriceRating (1-5)
Flight Duration
Rating (1-5)
1. Drone with HD Camera,Holy Stone RC Drone Quadcopter9 min$$$4.6
2. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone8 min$4.3
3. SYMA X5C-1 Explorers 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter8 min$$4.3
4. Hubsan X4 H107L 2.4GHz 4CH RC Quadcopter9 min$4.0
5. LHI 250 mm Quadcopter Race Copter Frame Kit7 min$$$$3.9
6. UDI U28-1 FPV Drone with Camera9 min$$$$3.1

Buying Information

Before buying a quadcopter, you need to know a few things that will ensure your purchase is in line with your expectations and you don’t really get surprised by the product – or the law authorities.

  • State Regulations. This is a factor that you have no control over, which makes it the most important one. Drones and quadcopters are still a long way from being standardized, mature products, which means there are no standard regulations across states. It is highly recommended to check with the local law authorities about their usage, flying range, etc.
  • Ease of Flying. On-board flight controllers determine the way a quadcopter flies and different quads are meant to be flown differently (some for agility, some for stability, etc). Anything that flies is difficult to control and if you are a first timer, we highly recommend opting for a stable unit.
  • RTF, BNF, ARF. Ready to Fly (RTF), Bind and Fly (BNF) and Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) are common versions of quadcopters being sold. RTF quads require the least amount of work before they are ready to fly. ARF are closest to quadcopter kits in the true sense but different brands might leave out different components (motors, flight controllers, transmitters) so require quite a bit of work to make them flight ready.

Top 3 Best Quadcopter Kit Reviews

1. Holy Stone U818A RC Drone Quadcopter

If you are looking for a feature loaded quadcopter with a mounted HD camera, stable flight and ability to handle 360-degree flips, U818A is the answer. It packs in a host of features to make flying fun and easy, making it the best quadcopter kit.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced quad user, headless mode is a great way to control your drone, as you no longer have to worry about direction it is pointed. It comes with an additional battery to deliver double the flying time and the 6-Axis Gyro Stability means it is an ideal quad for capturing crystal clear aerial images and 720p HD videos.

It is a quality product that is worth the extra price. If you are looking for a quadcopter kit that delivers above par performance and doesn’t require you to go through the pre-flying legal registration hassles, this is what you are looking for!

2. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Drone

The best quadcopter kit should tick a lot of boxes – easy to assemble, easy to bind, easy to fly and it has a good control range. It should be fun for both beginners and advanced users. The S170 packs all this and much more in a compact package, almost catapulting it to the top of our list.

It comes with a 6-Axis Gyro Stabilization System that makes it stable in the air – ideal for beginners. It works well even in windy conditions in a 30 – 50m range. It has top performing, powerful and ultra-responsive motors so varying the throttle levels gradually is highly recommended. The best part is that it weighs less than half a pound, which exempts the user from having to register it with FAA.

We would have liked a longer flying time than the current 6-8 minutes, along with lower charging time (60-80 minutes at present) but then, given the price and stability, there isn’t too much to complain about.

3. SYMA X5C-1 Explorers Gyro RC Quadcopter

Though quadcopters are meant for flying, an on-board HD camera is a great addition. X5C-1 from Syma is one such reasonably priced quad – offering a host of additional, nice to have features that make it simple and fun to fly.

It sports a modular design that enables all users to change parts quickly and easily. The on-board camera, although not blessed with spectacular clarity, does a fine job and should interest anyone looking for decent quality aerial imagery.

It is easy to bind with the controller and the box contains all the accessories you need to make it fly and take images. It facilitates night flying, thanks to colorful LED lights at the front. It gives you about 8 minutes of flight time on single charge, which is at par with competition.