Best Quadcopter for Beginners 2020

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Flying quadcopters or drones is not just for those that have already been interested in RC planes and RC helicopters. Starting one hobby to get into another is simple when it is easy to learn how to use the best quadcopter for beginners.

The most common reservations about getting into flying quadcopters are related to the initial costs as well as the costs required to keep it up, choosing the right equipment and models, and not wanting to invest too much before knowing if they will love flying. Beginners can easily get into flying quadcopters if they are armed with the right information before buying.

The difficulty beginners have getting into quadcopter flying is exactly why we have created a list of tips and collected a range of models that can be found on the market.

Tips for Beginners

Beginners to the hobby should look for a model that has the following features:

  • Ready to Fly or RTF. Beginners generally want to begin piloting their plane straightaway rather than assembling a kit, which is why we recommend something that comes fully built.
  • Remote Control. Surprisingly for most beginners, some quadcopters operate by smartphone or table. A remote control is much easier to use.
  • Battery Life. Finding a model with a long battery life is standard for models that will be used by all levels. A longer battery life is especially important when learning to fly to get as much practice as possible.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Capabilities. Usually the best quadcopter for beginners is smaller and often comes in a mini version making it maneuverable in small spaces or even inside. Being able to use the drone in many different spaces allows for more practice time.
  • Camera. The camera feature is not necessary but if you got into the hobby to film friends or family and would like it then there are either attached or built-in options to consider.

The Guide to the Best Beginner Quadcopters

PictureNameBeginner FeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
Beginner Features
Rating (1-5)
1. SYMA X12 Green 4CH 2.4G Nano Quadcopter- Small size that fits into palm of your hand which minimizes crashes
- If crashed it rarely is damaged
- Extremely easy to control and flies like
2. Tenergy Exclusive Color Hubsan X4 (H107L) RC Quad Copter- Adjustable sensitivity
- Simple controls
- Blade protection for crashes
- Ready to fly from the box.
3. ZuZo 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter- Unmatched stability
- Large LED lights for tracking the Drone
- Rotor protection.
4. Hubsan X4 (H107L) 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter- On-board software calibrates the quadcopter for smooth flight
- With a “Normal” mode it is great for beginners.
5. Syma X11 R/C Quadcopter- Stabilization system for smooth flight
- Propeller guards.
6. Holy Stone® Mini RC Quadcopter- 4 speed mode to suit any level of player
- Blade guards.

Buying Advice for a Beginner Quadcopter

If there is one thing you should particularly pay attention to it is how a model operates. This is especially important for those training to pilot these quadcopters as a hobby. Many more expensive models have features that make for smooth sailing but they will not necessarily build strong basic skills.

Though quadcopters that lack stability technology may be more challenging to even maintain their air position, they can be more fun and more challenging for learners. Once the basics have been mastered on one of these drones then adding more controls and features will enhance the experience. This is the best way to build your interest and skills in the hobby.

The ideal quadcopter is the one that will train them how to be excellent pilots as well as have all of the features listed above.

Top 3 Best Quadcopter for Beginners Reviews

1. SYMA X12 Green 4CH

The Syma X12 Nano has a unique look that includes a bright LED at the front of the body of the model. There are foam bumpers for protection around the edges and it sits pretty far above the ground.

The controller is very big with small sticks that allow for more control. On this controller there are options for high and low speed. The high speed practically doubles the low and makes for very fun operation.

The quadcopter is incredibly stable and can even be flown inside when using the low speed option. This model is also very durable making it the best quadcopter for beginners.

2. Tenergy Exclusive Color Hubsan X4

The Tenergy Husban X4 H107L is on the smaller side but it will certainly exceed your expectations. It is fast and very easily maneuvered. Controlling this quadcopter was easy with a little practice.

This model is especially durable for those new to the hobby and can even come with a crash package of replacement parts.

3. ZuZo 4 CH 6 Axis

The ZuZo Drone is rugged and offers great durability but does not compromise design or style to do this. It is easy to operate and flies well which makes it ideal as a beginner quadcopter.

What is unique about this model is that it comes with added features like the “fly home” button that will bring it back to the location of you and the controller.